Pan-Roasted Petit Poussin
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The globe carrots are shaved and lightly fried to make a carrot chip the size of a dime, then sprinkled with turbinado sugar. There are many carrot options at Dallas Farmer’s Market and Central Market.

Baby bunch carrots are slow cooked with a touch of pure maple syrup, which enhances their commonly sweet flavor.

The Cornish hen is pan-seared, slow roasted, and drizzled with a mixture of butter and verjus sauce after it’s plated.

Fried basil leaves add a pop of color.

The potato basket is made with russet potatoes that are julienned, wrapped around a cucumber, and deep-fried to form the round shape. Inside the basket are baby potatoes that have been roasted with extra virgin olive oil, salt, white pepper, and rosemary.

Verjus sauce is made with verjus vinegar, which is somewhat sweet with a little acid on the finish. It marries well with rosemary, roasted garlic, and the pan juice from the hen roast. It’s not too sweet and not too heavy. This vinegar can be found in the specialty areas of Central Market and Whole Foods.