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photogarphy by Kevin Hunter Marple
Fricassee: Heirloom carrots from California and locally grown petit pois (small green peas) are sautéed in French butter, called beurre d’isigny. Salt and white pepper are added for seasoning. To “fricassee” refers to a method of
sauteing in butter.

Langoustine Sauce: Langoustine shells are sauteed in olive oil over high heat along with fennel, tarragon, garlic, shallot, and saffron, until everything is golden brown. White wine and water are added, and the mixture is simmered for 20 minutes. The mixture is then passed through a china cap strainer, and butter is added to finish.

Lobster: Chef Samuel uses Maine lobster, because “they have the sweetest meat.” The lobster, flown in from Boston, is boiled for seven minutes in a pot with an onion, carrot, celery, bay leaves, black pepper, and lemon. It is then placed into an ice bath and chilled before the meat is removed from the shell. Before service, the lobster is heated in clarified French butter.