photography by Nan Coulter
We begin with the beautiful Amanda Peet. The Hollywood starlet knows AMY TALKINGTON, a native of Dallas, who two years ago in L.A. had a script in need of actors. Peet loved Talkington’s script. So did Tom Wilkinson, the Oscar-nominated actor. As did Selma Blair of Cruel Intentions fame and fellow-Dallasite Nick Stahl, who co-starred with Wilkinson in In The Bedroom. They came together for Night of the White Pants, which gets its Dallas premiere this month at the Angelika. The clash-of-cultures comedy was shot in Dallas. And though it marks Talkington’s debut as a director, it turns out she comes from a family of them. Big brother C.M. “Carty” Talkington directed Love and a .45, which featured Renée Zellweger’s debut performance. Step-brother Keven McAlester directed the documentary You’re Gonna Miss Me, about troubled rock star Roky Erickson. Her brothers are “totally supportive” of her “kind of goofy and heartfelt” approach to filmmaking, Talkington says. She hopes you will be, too.