Shopping for swimwear doesn’t have to be a stressful affair.

ROUND UP A GROUP OF YOUR MOST supportive friends because it’s time to shop for a swimsuit. If the notion brings to mind images of harsh department-store lights, evil mirrors, and snappish salespeople, we have good news: you’re beautiful. Yes, we mean it. You’ve got hips like Kelly Clarkson. They’re to die for. And that tush! Girl, it just screams Jennifer Lopez. See why you need supportive friends? Here’s some advice that’s a little more specific: for the lady with the small chest, find a suit with a bright color on top and underwire support to create cleavage. If you’re a bit busty, go for a dark-colored top that doesn’t dip too far down in the front. Do you dream of longer legs? Then choose a suit that is high cut on the leg. And last, but certainly not least, two-piece seekers should search out brands that sell the top and bottom separately. Malia Mills ( is a genius because she was, by most accounts, the first designer to create swimsuit separates. But a slew of others have—pardon the pun—followed suit. Happy swimming.

Stephanie is wearing Tomas Maier swimsuit ($218/Forty Five Ten) and Bonnie Basham brass cuff ($70/Elements).

Photo by Megan Sondrup


Stock your vanity with these products for a healthy glow without the sun damage.

FACE TIME: We love the minty fragrance and radiant shine we get from Origins face tanner ($18/Origins, NorthPark Center).

SUN SHIELD: Kiehl’s has been around since 1851, so you can trust Vital Sun Protection, its
latest collection of SPF products (from $17/Saks Fifth Avenue, Dallas Galleria).

PROTECT AND SERVE: Get some sun but still protect your skin with Darphin’s Soleil Ambré in SPF 5 ($50/Neiman Marcus, NorthPark Center).

THIGH HIGH: Sunless tanning mousse by Savage Bronze smells like chocolate and gives your thighs a sexy glow. That’s our idea of perfection ($8/Sally Beauty Supply).

PUFF DADDY: Just a swipe from the powder puff of Lancôme’s Star Bronzer gives you that I-just-got-back-from-St. Tropez look ($30/Saks Fifth Avenue, Dallas Galleria).



Versace summer makeup is a bright, sugary sweet collection of colors that make even the most drab complexions pop. Yummy lip-glosses are infused with glittery bits and leave your lips begging for attention. Nail colors make your toenails shimmer and shine. And the eye pencils? Simply delicious. A swipe here and a swipe there, and your eyes will glow with the subtlety of a 20-carat diamond ring. Available at Versace, Dallas Galleria.


Summer travel season is in full swing, but you don’t want to leave your style at home. Louis Vuitton City Guides for 2003 keep you looking fashionable, even when you’re more lost than Lara Flynn Boyle at the Golden Globes. (Remember that wacky tutu ensemble?) Jump on the Concorde—or, if you’re ever-so fabulous, your Gulfstream eight-seater—and head to Naples, pond-jump over to Athens, or take the train to Spain. No matter the place, LV has created the ultimate traveling companion for your stylish, peripatetic soul. Available
at Louis Vuitton, Dallas Galleria.


Our favorite Oxygen Network personality and former RTW designer Isaac Mizrahi will launch a darling little line at Target in August. Mizrahi joins the stable of fun and fearless fashion designers such as Cynthia Rowley, Liz Lange, and Todd Oldham, who are bringing their exclusive names to the GP (that’s general public, kids). Visit