When KLIF chat show host Gary Cogill came up with the concept of "Whiner Wednesday" (8-8: 45 each Wednesday), it was designed for adults. But kvetching kids who originally tuned in for Cogill’s regular "Bedtime Story" feature have now squeezed out the grownups. One night, says Cogill, "we got over 175 calls in 45 minutes, and the oldest caller was 13."
Other than giving kids a "venue to express how they feel, " Cogill says he doesn’t really know the reason for the phenomenon.
Maybe it’s because the show allows kids some payback time with the grown-ups. The school cafeteria serves "rubber pizza" and "glue gravy. " Not enough allowance. Too much homework. Mean teachers.
Cogill takes the whines seriously but addresses them with humor. Sound effects simulate a window being raised and, into a roaring wind, Cogill yells. "OK. cafeteria workers at Jennifer’s school, when she asks for a hot dog, don’t be giving her salad instead!"
And their jokes. Oh, brother, do they ever have some lulus. "Know the difference between boogers and broccoli? Kids won’t eat broccoli!"
"Know the difference between Robert Tilton and a dog? A dog can heel [heal]."
Most of the humor is fairly innocuous, as befits the innocence of childhood. And so far. nobody has called to complain, whining in tongues.