Because of Its many legal battles, Dallas shells out a lot of money that could fund other projects. For example, Dallas will spend about $50, 000 on Its appeal of the no-gay-cops lawsuit brought by Mica England-money that could be used to alleviate the budget shortfall at the Nelson-Tebedo AIDS Clinic. Here are what three other prominent suits have cost Dallas, and what the money could’ve been used for.
WEST DALLAS HOUSING: City found negligent in its upkeep of public housing $118. 7 MILLION
● Spend more than $2000 repairing each of the 57, 400 houses in Dallas that are classified substandard
● Or put each person or family currently in subsidized housing into a $400-a-month apartment for more than two years
● Or give more than $12, 000 to each of the 9. 500 or so people in subsidized housing who receive some type of welfare income
RONNIE COX: City found negligent after witholding evidence in case where Addison officer Cox was killed by Dallas cops in ill-fated drug bust $4.2 MILLION
● Pay for 150 officers stationed in worst crime areas for one year
● Or operate a 91-officer Violent Crime Task Force for two year
● Or pay to train 170 new DPD officers
14-1 REDISTRICTING: Failed attempt by the city to contest 14-1 in favor of a 10-4-1 system approved by voters. est. $2 MILLION
● Reconstruct streets and sidewalks on downtown Main Street from Field to St. Paul streets as part of downtown revitalization program
● Or complete needed bridge improvements to Five Mile Creek Channel project in Oak Cliff, which is to stop frequent flooding in the area
● Or enhancement of neighborhoods surrounding Fair Park during next decade under Fair Park Development Plan