Texas Paint & Wallpaper joined forces with D Home for the Life in Color 2013 contest. We asked local designers to send us photographs of some of their more colorful projects, and we were delighted to receive more than 100 entries. From there, our panel of judges studied rooms in every spectrum of the color wheel—from natural neutrals to intoxicating indigos­—and in the end, five winners were chosen. In addition to a membership card and other perks at Texas Paint & Wallpaper, the winners also get their work showcased here.

Life_in_color_1 photography by Dan Piassick

The Sophisticate: Gonzalo Bueno. “The clients have an amazing art collection, so I wanted to do mostly neutral,” Gonzalo Bueno says. “The views here are incredible. So nature and art provide the playful color.”


The Storyteller: Denise McGaha.“I wanted to create a modern Asian experience. Obviously, that’s where the dragon came in. I was inspired by Jamie Drake and his bold use of color. I love the violet with the navy,” Denise McGaha says.

Life_in_color_5 Photography by Nathan Schroder

The Natural: Doniphan Moore. Doniphan Moore created this space a few years ago. Our panel of judges admired the cool backdrop. “It feels very layered—this is a very natural setting for the collections of someone’s life,” one judge said.