Best Calligrapher
In addition to having the most awesome name ever, Boo Owens also has the prettiest penmanship around. The University Park lady has talent—her cool calligraphy adds elegance to any and all paper products. Whether she’s creating wedding invites or placecards for a dinner party, her pieces are so special that your guests will consider them a keepsake. Boo Owens Calligraphy, 214-526-3015

BOE_A2_NEW Best Calligrapher: Boo Owens

Best Lighting Trend
Be honest, you’re no MacGyver. Coming up with new and unexpected uses for everyday items is kind of a gift. So, too, is this lighting fixture—the “Tu-Be” chandelier from Ingo Maurer—made from chrome-covered paint tubes. Available to the trade at Scott + Cooner.

BOE_A3 Best Muralist: Jerrod Foote photography by Elizabeth Lavin

Best Muralist (right)
Rare is the man who says these words: “Whatever someone tells me to do, I’m happy to do it.” Jerrod Foote (214-563-9036) not only says it, he means it. Even better, he does it without any of the tortured artist antics. “I’m pretty quick,” he promises. The artist has been creating murals since junior high, and in addition to his work in many Highland Park homes, he does commercial work for Neiman Marcus, Polo, and Hermès, among others.

Best Boutique in a Showroom (below)
As if Allan Knight weren’t fabulous enough, the showroom has kicked things up a notch by adding Les Antiques in the middle of the space. It’s a decadent boutique inspired by 17th-century Italy that boasts everything from shiny acrylic to crusty antiques.

BOE_A4 Best Boutique in a Showroom: Allan Knight photography by Danny Piassick
BOE_A5_NEW Best Home Office: Michelle Meredith's home office photography courtesy of Michelle Meredith

Best Home Office
Michelle Meredith knows how to work it. The interior designer has created a home office that would cause even the laziest person to consider workaholism. It’s a sanctuary, really—a perfect balance of elegant furnishings from the Dallas Design Center and pieces from IKEA that are all business.

BOE_A6 Best New Wallpaper: Meditations Collection by Maya Romanoff photography courtesy of Meditations Collection by Maya Romanoff

Best New Wallpaper
Achieve inner peace in your bathroom—or any room, for that matter—with the creative new wallpaper from Meditations Collection by Maya Romanoff. Buddhist monks use chopsticks to make the circular patterns by hand. Available to the trade at Donghia.