Metro_shopping1 AREA CODE: The store’s name pays homage to Highland Park’s map location, which makes perfect sense. photography by Elizabeth Lavin

Forget your preconceived notions of consignment stores. Area 25 is a little different. Instead of just throwing pieces together at random in a warehouse-like environment, owner Cheryl Lawrence uses her years of home-staging experience to eliminate all chaos. She has created a series of vignettes—rooms, really—in a quaint little house on Lovers Lane. The shop boasts treasures galore. Think home furniture and accessories ranging from contemporary and retro to vintage and antique—all arranged in a way that allows shoppers to see the beauty of each piece. “It’s a totally eclectic mix,” Lawrence says. “And it changes from week to week.” The price point varies as much as the inventory. Both the spendthrift and the cheapskate can find solace here. Pick up a trendy accessory for as little as $25 or a quality antique for a more serious $3,500. And finding that perfect something here is more thrilling than buying new. “Times are tough. Not everyone can afford brand-new things right now,” Lawrence says. “Plus, it’s way more fun to get a cool, funky piece that no one else has.”

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