There are those who can tell the difference between a 9-month and 12-month aged manchego simply by sniffing the rind. For that cheese lover, turn to the ultimate cheese plate: double cream gratte-paille ($12.50), Vervacious peppered pear butter ($6.95), and La Panzanella artisanal Italian crackers ($5.95). All at Molto Formaggio.

FOR THE ENTERTAINER (above center)
A true gourmand is all about the details. Your persnickety pal will love decorative tins of choice sea salts by The French Farm ($21/Gardens). (We dig the gardener salt—sea salt blended with parsley, garlic, tarragon, and chervil.) Paired with a delicate white shell salt spoon ($6.95/Gardens), it adds just the right touch to any dinner table.

FOR THE DRIZZLER (above right)
Olive oil? As a gift? Of course. Any foodie worth his weight in kalamatas will cherish an artisan oil as much as a fine Bordeaux, especially when those oils are from Flavors From Afar. Go for an international-domestic mix: Olivers & Co. basil olive oil ($20.50/.25 ml) from France paired with Texas Olive Ranch’s unfiltered Oliva Nueva oil ($15).

FoodieGuide_1 photography by Maxine Helfman

SNACKER (left)
In addition to chic home furnishings, Napa Home carries select epicurean goodies for your favorite nosher. Our latest addiction? Gourmet popcorn ($6.50) by 470 Degrees in flavors such as Vietnamese cinnamon sugar and black truffle with white cheddar. Pair it with a tangerine resin bowl ($50) for the perfect snack pack.

Suddenly everyone’s obsessed with French cooking. Help your favorite would-be French foodie get started with a Kitchen of Provence gift crate ($124.99/Penzey’s Spices), containing classic spices (lavender, tarragon, rosemary, and more), pepper mill, salt shaker, three Madagascar vanilla beans, and a gram of Spanish coupé saffron.