Home Office Tips

Working from home may be a chore—but your work space can be all about fun.

OB photography: Korshak by Elizabeth Lavin, Rice bin by Matthew Shelley, others courtesy of vendors

1. Set the Mood
Bring in great tunes and show off the cases in a desk set from Stanley Korshak.

2. The Great Outdoors
Windows are a must. And if you really want to get in touch with nature, designer John Phifer Marrs suggests getting a desk with wheels—so you can roll it outside on nice days.

3. Hide and Seek
Stash your clutter in a trunk armoire like this one from Horchow.

4. Vamp Your Lamp
No-brainer: you need warm light to work. No reason you can’t have fun lamps, though, like this one from stelladallas.

5. Orient Express
Allen Kirsch suggests bringing in a Chinese rice bin for audio/visual equipment. Find one at Jaya.

Home Accessory Ideas

You know the adage: little things mean a lot. Here’s the skinny on must-have accessories.

DO photography: room by Stephen Karlisch, others by Elizabeth Lavin

Dallas Designers Share Their Signature Touches

Adopt one (or more) of these signature pieces and make them your own.

SS photography: mirrored room by Stephen Karlisch, velvet by Elizabeth Lavin, Gueridon by Matthew Shelly, others courtesy of vendors

But wait!
There’s more:

Single seat cushions
Eric Prokesh says it looks cleaner.

Etched mirror inserts
Kathy Adcock-Smith uses them
in cabinet doors to reflect light into dark areas.

A great antique
Richard Trimble uses one in almost every project—no matter the style.

Hot Chairs

Bring drama to a room fast by adding one of these gorgeous chairs.

HS photography courtesy of vendors

Fine Art: Where To Buy It

All of our designers agree: If you can afford one indulgence, it should be original art.

FF photography: (clockwise from bottom left) First Two by Dan ny Piasick, courtesy of Holly Johnson Gallery, and courtesy of Al Souza


Conduit Gallery
1626 HiLine, Ste. C
Dunn and Brown
5020 Tracy St.
Craighead Green
1011 Dragon St.
Holly Johnson
1411 Dragon St.


David Dike
2613 Fairmount St.


Photographs Do Not Bend
3115 Routh St.
Marty Walker
2135 Farrington St.
Barry Whistler
2909 Canton St., Ste. B