Home Office Tips

Working from home may be a chore—but your work space can be all about fun.

OB photography: Korshak by Elizabeth Lavin, Rice bin by Matthew Shelley, others courtesy of vendors

1. Set the Mood
Bring in great tunes and show off the cases in a desk set from Stanley Korshak.

2. The Great Outdoors
Windows are a must. And if you really want to get in touch with nature, designer John Phifer Marrs suggests getting a desk with wheels—so you can roll it outside on nice days.

3. Hide and Seek
Stash your clutter in a trunk armoire like this one from Horchow.

4. Vamp Your Lamp
No-brainer: you need warm light to work. No reason you can’t have fun lamps, though, like this one from stelladallas.

5. Orient Express
Allen Kirsch suggests bringing in a Chinese rice bin for audio/visual equipment. Find one at Jaya.