By the time you read this, the New Year’s confetti will be swept away and your resolutions almost forgotten. Still, I would like to propose a toast to the D Home staff for the issue that you now hold in your hands. It’s no illusion: D Home is bigger, the paper stock is whiter and brighter, and the format is airier and fresh. What a splendid way to usher in 2008!

Kudos to art director Andrea Tomek for our new look. In a world where we are assaulted by so much information, her idea was to make the magazine more “searchable”—realizing print readers are becoming more like web users. Rather than being led by the nose through a magazine cover to cover in a single sitting, the search-oriented reader wants to dip into the magazine numerous times for what she wants, when she wants it. We realized the more clearly we organized the magazine, the more time our readers would spend with it, reading both editorial and advertising. Take a look: The front section is packed with new products, home-related events, and fun, short reads; our main features section, always found in the middle of the magazine, has so much more room to breathe. The back of the magazine is loaded with the things you use most, including real estate properties for sale, building trends and ideas, and everyone’s favorite, “At Your Service,” an invaluable local resource guide to it all: the best roofers, electricians, window cleaners, and more.

In the same spirit, you’ll notice each page is much more user-friendly. Photographs are larger and easier to peruse and study. At D Home, we put as much emphasis on great writing as great images. Our fresh, new typeface allows you to read stories with ease.

A thoughtful well-designed magazine, like a beautiful room, makes life more pleasurable. Let me know what you think about our transformation.

Christine Allison
President, D Magazine Partners, Ltd.