photography by Elizabeth Lavin
The specs for the new Sprinkles Cupcakes bakery read like a luxury real estate listing: custom-made white oak cabinets and built-ins, well-placed sky lights, modern and minimal whitewashed walls, a glass-topped bar, and integrated outside benches. This Beverly Hills-imported sweetshop (and one of Oprah’s faves) is so well turned out that each flavor of cupcake has a pre-designated home in the custom display. “What’s distinctive about this store is that it is refined,” says Candace Nelson, co-owner and executive pastry chef, who used Sprinkles’ California locations to perfect her craft. The Preston Center bakery, as well as the high-gloss cupcake trays, was designed by Los Angeles-based architect Andrea Lenardin Madden. Sprinkles. 4020 Villanova Dr. 214-369-0004.