D CEO October 2011

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D CEO October 2011

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Trevor Rees-Jones: The Wildcatter
Trevor Rees-Jones, who left a law career to search for oil and gas on a speculative basis, once drilled 17 dry holes in a row. He never gave up, though, and today he’s a multibillionaire “throwback” to the great Texas energy legends. Full Story


  • Bill Shaddock's Lessons From Orange

    Growing up in the small Texas town of Orange, Bill Shaddock learned how to persevere and prevail against bigger rivals. The lessons must have stuck, because today he sits atop three of the most successful real estate companies in Dallas.

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  • The Coolest Offices in Dallas-Fort Worth

    From Fountain Place to JPMorgan Chase Tower, North Texas is known for its striking office architecture. But the interiors of DFW office buildings are pretty stellar, too. Here’s a peek inside the coolest workspaces in Dallas-Fort Worth.

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