1. Netflix
Putting his favorite movies at the top of his queue has never been easier for Blockbuster CEO Jim Keyes.

2. Legal Meter
Financier R. Allen Stanford’s app calculates how much he’s paying per second to a team of attorneys in Dallas that’s trying to keep him out of a federal jail cell on conspiracy and fraud charges.

3. Agitate-O-Meter
Mark Cuban’s app estimates how much in fines he’ll have to pay NBA or SEC officials for heckling or agitating muckety-mucks. Converts to euros for overseas trips.

4. Loose-Cannon Detector
An electronic air horn sounds on Jerry Jones’ iPhone whenever professional athletes under contract are about to appear on a reality TV show, buy a ridiculous Harley, or walk into the Spearmint Rhino strip club.

5. Quake Watch
All the drilling in the Barnett Shale has Trevor Rees-Jones frequently checking his iPhone’s seismograph.

6. Cash Countdown
Real-time, bank-account status updates help Tom Hicks know if he’s going to make payroll for the Rangers, Stars, and Manchester United this month.

7. Chart-O-Matic
This app on Ross Perot Sr.’s iPhone spontaneously generates a simple line chart in connection with any given topic.

8. Wright Expiration Date
No need for former Southwest Airlines CEO Herb Kelleher to use hash marks on a wall to number the days until the Wright Amendment expires. C’mon, 2014!

9. Windmill
T. Boone Pickens’ app ensures that his phone is powered exclusively by the wind, not foreign oil. Only works near his Panhandle ranch.

10. Upward Trajecto-Meter
A city council member suggests raising tax rates to repair potholes. Immediately, Dallas Mayor Tom Leppert’s iPhone converts to a taser and subtly stuns the council member. This app could advance Leppert to the federal level soon.