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Making Dallas Even Better

  • 16-of-23

    Laura Flores, Ashley Silver, Amanda Kleen, Lindsey Criswell, Chelsea Alana Spaulding, and Regina Bruce

  • 17-of-23

    Lindsey Adams Williams, Sara Sessions, Craig Smith, Amanda Kleen

  • 15-of-23

    Jimmy Lou Westcott, Kevin Lavelle, Amanda Kleen, Chart Westcott, Whitney Keltch, Lindsey Adams Williams, Heath Cheek

  • 13-of-23

    Jarrod Williams, Devin Cook, Lindsey Adams Williams, Chart Westcott

  • 14-of-23

    Jimmy Lou Westcott, Chart Westcott

  • 18-of-23

    Matthew Miller, David Redish, Cesar Jasso

  • 22-of-23

    Meagan Bubella, Rod Ginther

  • 23-of-23

    Tosha Di Iorio and Casey Di Iorio

  • 21-of-23

    Paula Delozier, J.B. Anz

  • 19-of-23

    Michael Luchsinger, Adriane Devereux, Lear Johnson

  • 20-of-23

    Michael Luchsinger, Adriane Devereux, Lear Johnson

  • 12-of-23

    Jake Harvey, Lindsey Adams Williams, Chart Westcott

  • 4-of-23

    Celine Burch, Kerry McConnell, Krista Kemp Warren, Luisa Benton

  • 5-of-23

    Charlie Myers, Celine Burch

  • 3-of-23

    Bri Loughlin, Lindsey Adams Williams, Paige Lamb

  • 1-of-23

    Adriane Devereux, Regina Bruce

  • 2-of-23

    Amanda Kleen, Craig Smith

  • 6-of-23

    Courtney Martin, Benton Bagot

  • 10-of-23

    Gary and Becky Huddleston

  • 11-of-23

    Heath Cheek, Andrea Gage Cheek, Jen Lavelle, Kevin Lavelle

  • 9-of-23

    Eleanor Putman and Carol Seay

  • 7-of-23

    Denise Wolford, Heather Furniss

  • 8-of-23

    Devin Cook, Caroline Thompson