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Making Dallas Even Better

  • 15-CDC

    Thomas Andrews, Ellen Flowers, Katie O'Neill, Sammie Leder, Kaitlynn McConville

  • 16-CDC

    Philippe Blanck and Harlin Dean

  • 13-CDC

    Mindy Pfeil and Richard Chamberlain

  • 14-CDC

    Pat and Emmit Smith

  • 03-CDC

    David Holben and David Pfeil

  • 04-CDC

    David Alexander, Bill Bogart, Tim Wallace

  • 01-CDC

    Barbara and Stan Levenson

  • 02-CDC

    Bill and Brenda Bogart, Jim and Terri Striegel

  • 07-CDC

    Erica Annise

  • 08-CDC

    Scott Murray

  • 05-CDC

    David and Kimmie Park

  • 06-CDC

    Don and Barbara Daseke

  • 11-CDC

    Kent Rathbun and Randy Parnell

  • 12-CDC

    Martha and Doug Hawthorne

  • 09-CDC

    Gretchen and John Bookwalter

  • 10-CDC

    James and Patty Huffines