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Making Dallas Even Better

  • DN_IT_0603-17

    Brian Portner

  • DN_IT_0603-18

    Megan Clark and Taylor Perkins

  • DN_IT_0603-19

    Asher and Courtney Watkins

  • DN_IT_0603-14

    Katherine Young, and Stephanie Woyski

  • DN_IT_0603-15

    Todd Newsom and Natalie McFarland

  • DN_IT_0603-16

    Lauren Hughes, Blair Newton, Rory Ashton, and Matt Rosenfel

  • DN_IT_0603-20

    Nick and Tracey Carrasco

  • DN_IT_0603-24

    Trey Trenholm Tom Georgalis, and Dan O'Malley

  • DN_IT_0603-25

    Alexandria Davis and James Sawtelle

  • DN_IT_0603-26

    Erik Wyankoop and Sara Isley

  • DN_IT_0603-21

    Eddie McDonald and Troy Larkins

  • DN_IT_0603-22

    Daniela McClelland and Steve Pickett

  • DN_IT_0603-23

    Chris Cleary, Sarah Holyoake, and Laetitia Steenkamp

  • DN_IT_0603-4

    Julie Harrel and Ashley Fricke

  • DN_IT_0603-5

    Adam Saxton and Sarah Saxton

  • DN_IT_0603-6

    Whitney Steen, Natalie Tipped, and Tiffany Becerra

  • DN_IT_0603-1

    Bart Galindo and Kristina Sumrall

  • DN_IT_0603-2

    Chris Sherwyn

  • DN_IT_0603-3

    Tom and Lisa Georgalis

  • DN_IT_0603-7

    Mike Cavallaro and Angela Gamel

  • DN_IT_0603-11

    Tara and Tully Janszen

  • DN_IT_0603-12

    Lisa Georgalis, Chris Sherwyn, and Jenifer Strauss

  • DN_IT_0603-13

    Nicki Patel, Div Patel, and Jenifer Strauss

  • DN_IT_0603-8

    Michelle Wyatt

  • DN_IT_0603-9

    Brannon Barrett

  • DN_IT_0603-10

    Bridgette Bell and Bonnie Burgett