Kathleen Allen—Dallas Renaissance Woman?

Blue and white table top at Bergdorf Goodman

The Renaissance man was proficient in all the arts. I’m not sure how well Kathleen Allen does in the poetry department, but she is surely covering all the other bases. She started out in fashion design (anybody remember Christopher’s in Turtle Creek Village?), then decided to make her name in the antique art of precious metal gilding—we covered that in the April 2010 DHome issue. She also partnered with George Sellers in creating some of his plaster masterpieces—you can check out a fabulous installation at the John Gregory showroom on Slocum Street.  Now, well, actually for the last six years, Kathleen has been perfecting her glass working techniques. It’s paying off because she’s hitting the big time here.  Bergdorf Goodman is featuring her blue glass collection in New York. She will also have a trunk show of glass game boards (black and white checkers anyone?) at Neiman Marcus from the second week in October through Christmas. And, if  you love blue and white, as I do, you will love the cover of the new DHome out next week. And if you have any favorite blue and white pics, email them to me.