“Welcome to Dallas. Please Stay Here. It’s Great!”

Welcome-to-Dallas-signPatrick McDonnell of the awesomely named nonprofit Revolutionary Pants sent me a link to his Crowdtilt page, where he is trying to raise a measly 100 bucks to get signs with that slogan on them (um, pictured, obviously)┬áprinted. They are rebuke to the Austin sign that popped up around SXSW that said “Welcome to Austin. Please Don’t Stay Here. I Hear Dallas is Great” — maybe a new sign, but a long held sentiment. If you wish to help fund this, go here.


  • Emily Armour

    Only if they use a different font for “It’s Great!”

  • Liz Johnstone

    I thought the exact same thing.

  • Patrick McDonnell

    That can be arranged!

  • reneeblo

    Hmm, I think all of the fonts can be rethought.