Things To Do In Dallas Tonight: Jan. 3

It’s a black and white world for not-quite-detective Harry Hunsacker.

This is putting me smack in the middle of Bad Mood City. Actually it makes me furious, but why get specific when I can use it as a lead in for this post, and tonight’s Thing To Do, which is luckily a comedy even if someone does die in the first act.

The Pegasus Theatre does some fun stuff, such as something they call “Living Black & White.” This basically translates the happy magic of old black and white films to the stage (it’s a “trade secret” combination of make up, lights, costumes, and sets). And it really is cool-looking–very fitting for the theater’s end-of-the-year campy B murder mysteries. This particular one, XSR: Die! (XSR is an abbreviation for cross stage right), concerns the backstage drama of a Broadway theater, a subject that is occasionally irresistible. It’s the opening night of a new play by a well-known playwright, and the director wants to fiddle with the climactic scene. Meanwhile, erstwhile wannabe actor turned wannabe detective Harry Hunsacker finds himself at the wrong playhouse for an audition just in time to stumble on a murder.

You can still get tickets online for tonight’s performance at the Eisemann Center in Richardson. There’s also a whole host of restaurants nearby, if you’re so inclined. Still, I think I’d go a little bit further and try Urban Rio in Plano, one of our best new restaurants in 2012. The quesadilla Nancy describes in her review (Oaxacan, panela, Chihuahuan cheese and avocado scented with ground Mexican oregano and smoked paprika) reminds me of my regular late-night order at my beloved La Esquina.

Also tonight, the Chinese Lantern Festival (yes, the big cool thing that began during the State Fair) is heading into its final weekend. Raya gave you five reasons you needed to go see it, oh, months ago, but for those who did not take her advice then, heed me now. Drop by Craft and Growler for something tasty on tap.

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