Dallas Morning News Sunday Circulation Way Up

According to the Audit Bureau of Circulations, the organization that tracks such things, daily circulation at newspapers is down 0.2 percent. Sunday circulation at the nation’s papers is up 0.6 percent. But according to the same organization, Sunday circulation at the Dallas Morning News is up a whopping87 percent. (Despite what you might think of its recent endorsements.) That’s more than twice as much as the next biggest improvement (the Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s Sundays are up 43 percent).

No doubt, this is largely due to the work of Tom Huang, who is in charge of Sundays there. (He was also my editor, when I worked at the DMN.) The Sunday editions of the paper consistently have some of the best newspaper writing in the country, interesting stories you won’t find anywhere else. (This pay-walled story, from Leslie Minora, was particularly well-done, I thought.)

That said, I’m still a little confused by the numbers here. According to the chart at Poynter, the Sunday circulation is roughly 700,000. But the print circulation (just under 300,000) and the total digital subscriptions (about 65,000), add up to barely half the total number. Where does the other 340,000 come from? Is this a counting thing I don’t understand?


  • Tom

    May be counting the bulldog edition (with much of the Sunday paper, plus coupons) that’s printed Friday night and sold on Saturday.

  • mynameisbill

    It’s the Democratic Party. The GOP have shown that the party of asses(the beast of burden, not the junk in the trunk…dirty boys) will do anything to get a few extra votes, voter fraud anyone? So, it would stand to reason that those donkey lovers would also try newspaper subscription fraud, too! The only proposal that seems fair is to have one, who is wishing to subscribe, show their ID in order to prove that they ARE that person; and only be allowed a single subscription. p.s. I hope I didn’t make too many spelling/grammar errors, because RAB is my hero and it really disappoints me when I let him(or her?) down:(

  • JR

    If you look at the source material (http://accessabc.wordpress.com/2012/10/30/the-top-u-s-newspapers-for-september-2012/) you’ll find a glossary of the terms.

    the one you’re interested in is this one: Branded editions are editions of the newspaper that are published at least weekly, have a different name than the member newspaper, but are labeled to include the word “edition.” Branded editions may include commuter, community or alternative-language newspapers.

    Think Al Dia and NeighborsGo and Briefing. Those count towards the total for DMN circulation.

  • C Chris

    On Sundays free papers are distributed on the ground to each property in our entire neighborhood. I have called and written several times to ask not to be included or to please be removed from their distribution list to no avail. Could it be the DMN is giving away that many?

  • Poster ATAT

    I looked up the actual report, the numbers don’t match.

    Newspaper Name Print Total Digital Total Excluding
    Branded Editions Total Branded
    Editions Total Average
    Circulation as of 9/30/12 Total Average
    Circulation as of 9/30/11 % Change

    DALLAS MORNING NEWS 192,345 64,788 257,133 152,997 410,130 409,642 0.1%


    % change looks to be just +0.1%

  • @JR is right. The other 339,409 comes from the “Branded Editions”


  • oldnewshound

    Huang must be throwing quite a route.

  • Albert

    I’ve subscribed for years, and I haven’t paid the bill in 4 months, but the paper arrives every morning. I was going to switch to the Star Telegram, but why bother if I get the Dallas paper for free?