Brenda Jarvis Sues David Kiger for Blabbing About Abortion

Unfair Park saw an item move on Courthouse News today about a lady named Brenda Jarvis and a guy named David Kiger. Jarvis is suing Kiger because, she claims, he impregnated her, then convinced her to get an abortion because he had a rare genetic disorder, then paid her $744,000 to keep quiet about the abortion. She claims she and Kiger entered into a contract that he has now violated by talking about the abortion. Jarvis is suing for defamation, breach of contract, and fraud.

This isn’t Brenda Jarvis’ first legal filing over a sexual encounter, though. Back in 2004, she filed suit a sexual-discrimination lawsuit against Sara Lee’s chief executive, C. Steven McMillan. She claimed that McMillan offered her a $140,000-per-year gig in exchange for sex. The sex happened, but the gig never materialized.

Seems like if David Kiger and C. Steven McMillan sat down to have a beer together, they would have a lot to talk about.

[Update here.]