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A Few Questions for Councilman Philip Kingston

| 1 day ago

Last night, Coucilman Philip Kingston gave an interview to CBS Channel 11 about the prospect of luring the 2017 NBA All-Star Game to Dallas from North Carolina. In the interview, he referred to North Carolinians as “shoeless hillbillies” because their state has a controversial transgender bathroom law (which is why the NBA is moving the game). After watching the interview, I have a few questions for Councilman Kingston:

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Local News

Here’s What Don Williams Thinks of Walt Humann’s Plan for Fair Park

| 2 days ago

A couple of days ago, Wylie H. Dallas put up a post on FrontBurner titled “How Walt Humann’s Fair Park Plan Looks Like a ‘Scam.’ ” There’s some context for that word “scam” appearing in the headline. Wylie had gotten into it on Twitter with DMN writer Michael Lindenberger, and the word in our headline was calling back to that exchange.

Let’s move beyond that word and get to the substance of this debate. Last month Robert Wilonsky wrote a good piece about Humann and a guy named Don Williams, an old friend of Humann’s and the most prominent critic of his Fair Park plan. You should read it for context. Humann and Williams both have a long track record of civic involvement in southern Dallas. Yesterday, before five members of the Parks Board walked out of a meeting to prevent a vote on Humann’s plan, Williams delivered a devastating speech to the board, laying bare the shortcomings of his friend’s work. Here is the full text:

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Arts & Entertainment

Get Your Tickets Now For Best of Big D Live!

| 2 days ago

We’re throwing a party for 2016’s Best of Big D winners — revealed in the August issue of D Magazine — and we want you there. Join us Aug. 10 at The Bomb Factory for one of Dallas’ biggest, most inclusive events.

We’ll have bites from some of the city’s best restaurants (including Knife, Luscher’s Red Hots, UchiPecan Lodge, Top Knot, and Lavendou) and specialty cocktails from the best mixologists around. We’ve partnered with Lyft, allowing new riders a free trip to — or from —the party by using our BESTOFD code. Existing riders can get 25 percent off with the BESTOFD25 code.

You must be 21 or older to attend. Tickets range from $53 for general admission to $78 for VIPs, who get early access, complimentary valet, access to the VIP lounge, and a gift bag.

Buy your tickets here.

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Leading Off (7/22/16)

| 2 days ago

Dallas ISD to Cut Testing. District superintendent Michael Hinojosa is planning to significantly reduce the number of assessment exams students, particularly those in elementary school, have to take each year. Under previous superintendent Mike Miles, DISD began administering its own Assessments of Course Performance of several subjects twice each year. The additional testing was part of the Teacher Excellence Initiative, which evaluates district teachers in part on how well their students perform. The resulting test schedule meant that students in third grade, for example, faced as many as 12 assessments — the district’s ACPs, plus the state-required STAAR tests — in a year. After the change, third-graders will only take four such tests in a year. Overall 41 of the 109 ACPs are being eliminated.

Boy Scout, Volunteer Leader Killed. A storm blew through Quetico Provincial Park in Canada, near the Minnesota border, where 13-year-old Christian James Sanchez of Lewisville and 39-year-old Rorth Lac of Carrollton, were camping. Strong winds knocked down trees that killed Sanchez and Lac and injured two others in their group.

‘Super Coyote’ in North Oak Cliff. Kessler Park residents near the Coombs Creek Trail are warning about a biggie-sized coyote — possibly a “Coyote/Wolf/Dog mix” — roaming the neighborhood. At least one dachshund has already fallen prey to the beast.

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Texas Voter ID Law Springs Another Leak

| 2 days ago
Via Pixabay
Via Pixabay

The U.S. 5th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled yesterday that Texas’ voter identification law violates federal law prohibiting racial discrimination in elections. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton spent $3.5 million taxpayer dollars to get there.

The conservative court ruled that the law at issue, SB 14, which limits the acceptable forms of voter identification to a driver’s license, state ID, concealed handgun permit, passport, U.S. citizenship certificate, military ID, or special voter ID, is discriminatory as written. It is considered to be the nation’s strictest voter ID law, due partly to the fact that 600,000 Texans who are otherwise eligible to vote do not have one of these forms of ID.

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After 22 Years, Chick-fil-A Deep-Sixes The Richards Group

| 3 days ago

Fewer than 5 percent of its employees are said to work on the account. But that’s small comfort to The Richards Group founder and principal Stan Richards, who called it “the saddest occurrence” of his long career when Chick-fil-A severed its relationship with the Dallas ad agency in favor of McCann New York and four other shops.

It was The Richards Group, after all, that came up with the chicken chain’s famous “Eat Mor Chikin” campaign, which helped make Chick-fil-A the leader in its category, with more than $6 billion in annual sales. So getting fired from the account after 22 years, Richards told Advertising Age, is “a little hard to understand.”

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