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Wear a Halloween Costume, Rock Climb for Free

| 5 hours ago
Photo by Christiana Nielson.
Photo by Christiana Nielson.

I went rock climbing for the first time yesterday. I’d gone on those little walls at camp as a kid, but I hadn’t attempted a 30-plus-foot wall with inclines and varying difficulties of holds before. I hesitantly walked into the brightly colored Summit Climbing, Yoga & Fitness in Grapevine to meet my friend who invited me to give climbing a try. I slipped on special shoes, tightened my harness, and walked over to one of the many looming walls. “Here goes nothing,” I thought.

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Politics & Government

Poll: Who’s Right in West Dallas Rental Housing Fight?

| 9 hours ago

Perhaps you’ve been reading about the city of Dallas’ dispute with HMK, the company run by the Khraish family that owns a few hundred rental homes in fast-gentrifying West Dallas.

Mayor Mike Rawlings and Morning News columnist Robert Wilonsky assure us that there’s no conspiracy against the Khraishes: that this is just about getting lousy houses up to code. But then the Observer’s Jim Schutze published an audio recording in which Rawlings seemed far less interested in getting code violations fixed than in getting the Khraises to sell.

What do you think is going on?

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Local News

Leading Off (10/25/16)

| 12 hours ago

Record Voter Turnout in Dallas County. Yesterday, the first day of early voting, 58,350 people turned out to vote. I assume most of those people were alive. That number compares to 32,512 voters in 2012 and 34,415 voters in 2008. Collin County also saw a huge turnout.

Tony Romo’s New House Has an Indoor Slide. A while back, TMZ was the first to report that Romo had built himself a pretty nice new pad. Now come Snapchat pics of the interior, courtesy of teammate Anthony Hitchens, who was impressed with the indoor basketball court and the video golf setup. Remind me not to invite Hitchens over to my house.

Frisco Murder Trial Starts Today. Robert Moses is accused of shooting his ex-wife, Anna Moses, in January 2015. Defense attorneys say that there are at least nine suspects in the case, but Robert’s blood was found in Anna’s car, and he also has been charged with possession of child pornography.

DART to Vote on D2, Cotton Belt. Tonight at 6:30 the DART board will meet to decide whether the northern Cotton Belt Line gets built at the expense of a downtown Dallas subway. If you need to get up speed on this issue, start here

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Local News

Leading Off (10/24/16)

| 1 day ago
Photo: Jon Lorentz
Photo: Jon Lorentz

FC Dallas Wins Supporters’ Shield. The trophy goes to the team with the best regular season record. With a 0-0 draw in LA, FCD brought it home for the first time in franchise history. If they can take the MLS Cup without injured Mauro Diaz, they’ll be the first domestic squad to win a treble (three trophies in one season). #DTID

AT&T Acquires Time Warner. A Senate subcommittee will look into the $85 billion deal in November, but AT&T CEO Randall “The Ram” Stephenson thinks it’ll get approved. Will it make my home cable situation better? Unlikely, but that’s probably more on me.

Early Voting Starts Today. I’m voting for my late grandparents and myself, so I’ll probably space it out.

Two X Two Raises $7.5 Million For AIDS Research. In the year 2000, apparently, since Ricky Martin was the headliner. Oh, I’m being a snob. Good job, everyone.

Arlington Gets New Police Dogs. Puppies!

SMU Upsets No. 11 Houston. Sports!

Cowboys Move Into First In the NFC Without Playing. They’re on their bye week, but the first loss of the season by the Vikings (at the hands of the Eagles) has them tied at the end of Week 7. Philly and Dallas square off in primetime next Sunday. Will Tony Romo play? Probably only with his kids, and that’s OK.

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