Michelle Obama Dances the Dougie With Students as Part of Let’s Move Campaign

The Dougie, as you probably know, originates from here, and came to the world via Lil Wil’s “My Dougie.”


  • Dmar

    Martha Washington must be spinning in her grave.

  • Daniel

    When I was in school it was “Pass the dougie on the left-hand side.” And the First Lady instructed I should respond in the negative. I guess just because it like had the word like left in or something? Which I mean I never personally cared which side or whatever.

  • brianna

    the dougie is in the dance, but she is not doing it in the video posted???
    let’s move is great!!!

    • There’s like a suggestion of it at one point, and the girls are doing it. Mostly just wanted a reason to post that.