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Remembering the Texas Tower Shooting

| 4 hours ago

Peter Simek wrote a masterful post about the mystique of the lone gunman the day after the July 7 shooting of five officers in Dallas. He addressed the tragedy of mass shooters, who often believe they have a purpose but whose violent acts accomplish nothing more than murder and panic, loss and grief. Because a senseless act can only have a senseless outcome.

On Monday, the specter of the lone gunman will again be raised. August 1 is the 50th anniversary of the UT Tower Shooting, when Charles Whitman, a 25-year-old architectural engineering major and ex-Marine, killed his wife and mother before carrying three rifles, two pistols, and a sawed-off shotgun to the top of the University of Texas Tower. At the end of 96 harrowing minutes, 16 people were dead and three dozen were wounded.

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Sports & Leisure

Two Reasons to Watch the MLS All-Star Game Tonight

| 6 hours ago
Kellyn Acosta will play in his first All-Star Game tonight.
Plano’s Kellyn Acosta will play in his first All-Star Game tonight.

Major League Soccer has its All-Star Game tonight at 6:30 on ESPN (and UniMas), which will see the best of the the MLS teams take on Arsenal from the English Premier League. Given its position atop the league table, as well as its success last season, you might expect that FC Dallas would be represented in San Jose. And you’re right: Mauro Diaz and Kellyn Acosta with both be there, and both are deserving.

Diaz is one of the best ball handlers around, not just in MLS, small but impossible to knock off the ball, and willing to try things like this bicycle kick pass. And Acosta — who just turned 21 — is the future, not only of FCD but also the US Men’s National Team. The homegrown player from Plano who came up through FCD’s academy was the youngest player brought to the USMNT camp earlier this year and earned his first cap.

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Leading Off

Leading Off (7/28/16)

| 8 hours ago

John Hinckley Jr. will be freed after 35 years. Hinckley, who tried to assassinate President Ronald Reagan and shot several others in 1981, is going to be released from a government psychiatric hospital, according to yesterday’s federal ruling. Now 61 years old, he grew up in Highland Park and will be allowed to live with his mother in Williamsburg, Virginia, with various restrictions.

El Centro reflects on Dallas shooting. Yesterday at the El Centro Strong Reflect and Renew Ceremony, students and faculty gathered to talk about how to move forward. “We are El Centro Strong” was their mantra. The night of the shooting, three El Centro officers were on duty: Andrew Maughan, Gene Pouncy, and Luis Hernandez. They all attended yesterday’s ceremony. “It’s a slow process, and we will move forward one day at a time,” said David Pughes, DPD’s executive assistant chief.

Are you for or against a new Rangers stadium in Arlington? That’s the billion-dollar question for Arlington residents. Lately, both pro- and anti-stadium fliers have surfaced in different neighborhoods, with the expected vote in November on the $1 billion retractable-roof stadium.

Dallas County residents with West Nile reach 10. There has now been a 10th case of West Nile virus confirmed in Dallas County this year, but that person’s neighborhood hasn’t been released. Symptoms include headaches, stiff neck, joint pain, and nausea. In severe cases, swelling of the brain can occur. If you’re going to be outside for extended periods of time, layer on that bug spray.

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Rapper Describes Dallas to Vice as a ‘Tale of Two Cities’

| 23 hours ago

Mel of The Outfit TX (our pick for Best Music Act in this year’s “Best of Big D” issue) gave a new interview to Vice to talk about his rap group’s latest album, their previous effort (called Down by the Trinity), and his hometown (Dallas).

Last year he described our city’s music scene to Vice thusly: “Dallas has always existed as Texas’s Bay Area: a diverse, cultured, ratchet festival of Badus, Boosies, and Bilals.”

So you won’t be surprised to read the — ahem — colorful language he employs to describe the familiar-to-us notion that Dallas in many ways remains a segregated city. Pardon the bleeping. This is a family blog, and I’d hate to offend your tender sensibilities:

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Video Games

A Few Words for the Passerby Who Saw Me Playing Pokémon Today

| 1 day ago
This is a Zubat. Obviously.
This is a Zubat. Obviously.

Today at lunch I walked a few blocks through downtown to pick up a salad and bring it back to my desk. I’ve got some eggs incubating, so naturally I had Pokémon GO up and running. A friend of mine told me she recently drove to a parking lot so she could slowly circle in her car, cooled by the AC, as she racked up some kilometers. I’m not that kind of guy. I’ll do it on foot, thank you very much. Anyway, on the way back to the office, I espied a Zubat that needed catching. So I stopped walking and stepped to the edge of the sidewalk, where I could stay out of people’s way and safely throw my balls. At that point, a woman approaching from behind saw what I was doing and, as she passed me, made a clearly audible noise of disgust. Here is what I would like to say to that woman:

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Politics & Government

Park Board Ethics Complaint Thrown Out on Technicality

| 1 day ago

Following up on Tim’s post from Monday about an ethics complaint filed by Carol Bell-Walton against Robb Stewart, a member of the Dallas Park and Recreation Board, the DMN reports:

“But Rosa Rios, the city secretary, said by email late Tuesday that Bell-Walton’s complaint has been thrown out because it ‘failed to state a date during which a/any violation occurred.’

The city’s Ethics Advisory Commission reviews and rules on alleged violations. But Rios’ office serves as the initial gatekeeper for complaints.”

I enjoy City Councilman Philip Kingston’s reaction to the news:

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Arts & Entertainment

Things To Do In Dallas Tonight: July 27

| 1 day ago

If you’ve got hot dogs on the brain because of the cover of the August issue of D Magazine, or because of some kind of meat-related neurological disorder, it’s time to get to a Rangers game. While $1 hot dog night at Globe Life Park is the tastiest thing on the menu tonight, we also have a virtually augmented safari at the Dallas Arboretum and a police benefit at Billy Bob’s.

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