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Rapper Describes Dallas to Vice as a ‘Tale of Two Cities’

| 6 hours ago

Mel of The Outfit TX (our pick for Best Music Act in this year’s “Best of Big D” issue) gave a new interview to Vice to talk about his rap group’s latest album, their previous effort (called Down by the Trinity), and his hometown (Dallas).

Last year he described our city’s music scene to Vice thusly: “Dallas has always existed as Texas’s Bay Area: a diverse, cultured, ratchet festival of Badus, Boosies, and Bilals.”

So you won’t be surprised to read the — ahem — colorful language he employs to describe the familiar-to-us notion that Dallas in many ways remains a segregated city. Pardon the bleeping. This is a family blog, and I’d hate to offend your tender sensibilities:

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Video Games

A Few Words for the Passerby Who Saw Me Playing Pokémon Today

| 7 hours ago
This is a Zubat. Obviously.
This is a Zubat. Obviously.

Today at lunch I walked a few blocks through downtown to pick up a salad and bring it back to my desk. I’ve got some eggs incubating, so naturally I had Pokémon GO up and running. A friend of mine told me she recently drove to a parking lot so she could slowly circle in her car, cooled by the AC, as she racked up some kilometers. I’m not that kind of guy. I’ll do it on foot, thank you very much. Anyway, on the way back to the office, I espied a Zubat that needed catching. So I stopped walking and stepped to the edge of the sidewalk, where I could stay out of people’s way and safely throw my balls. At that point, a woman approaching from behind saw what I was doing and, as she passed me, made a clearly audible noise of disgust. Here is what I would like to say to that woman:

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Politics & Government

Park Board Ethics Complaint Thrown Out on Technicality

| 8 hours ago

Following up on Tim’s post from Monday about an ethics complaint filed by Carol Bell-Walton against Robb Stewart, a member of the Dallas Park and Recreation Board, the DMN reports:

“But Rosa Rios, the city secretary, said by email late Tuesday that Bell-Walton’s complaint has been thrown out because it ‘failed to state a date during which a/any violation occurred.’

The city’s Ethics Advisory Commission reviews and rules on alleged violations. But Rios’ office serves as the initial gatekeeper for complaints.”

I enjoy City Councilman Philip Kingston’s reaction to the news:

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Arts & Entertainment

Things To Do In Dallas Tonight: July 27

| 10 hours ago

If you’ve got hot dogs on the brain because of the cover of the August issue of D Magazine, or because of some kind of meat-related neurological disorder, it’s time to get to a Rangers game. While $1 hot dog night at Globe Life Park is the tastiest thing on the menu tonight, we also have a virtually augmented safari at the Dallas Arboretum and a police benefit at Billy Bob’s.

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Leading Off (7/27/16)

| 15 hours ago

SMU Athletics to Get Even More Plush. The school dropped $120 million on athletic upgrades in recent years (see: tennis complex, Miller Events Center, and renovations galore) and on Tuesday SMU officials announced they would shell out another $150 million to start a new athletic project, the first phase of which includes an outdoor football practice field, a soccer stadium, and an indoor performance center with a full-size football field and 300-meter track. The DMN notes this move is definitely sending a message to the Big 12, which publicized plans last week to add new members. SMU says the new upgrades will “serve the needs of all 17 sports and 400-plus student-athletes.”

Has the Cowboys’ PR Team Slept Since Friday? I don’t know the answer to that. But between Ezekiel Elliot’s domestic violence allegations last Friday, the team bus accident that resulted in four fatalities over the weekend (note: the Cowboys’ driver was not at fault), and Tuesday’s report that defensive end Randy Gregory had failed his fifth drug test and would not be at training camp tomorrow, my guess is the public relations folks are working around the clock.

Budget Fights Begin After Police Shooting. The city’s police officers deserve to get paid a reasonable salary for doing the hard work they do, or at least one comparable to other area departments. Of course, DPD salary increases don’t grow on trees. And now groups such as the Dallas Commission on Homelessness are bracing for battle. The city council has some tough decisions to make.

One of These Stories Will Ruin Your Mascara. Well, there’s this one about the Rowlett police officer having a tea party with the little girl whose life he saved. There’s also a story about a North Texas family finding their scruffy lil’ terrier, Corky, after nearly seven years apart thanks to microchip technology. And if you’re not the sentimental type, maybe you will laugh-cry like I nearly did when you see this photo from the Texas Democrats breakfast in Philly yesterday. Apparently the scene got heated, and the looks on the Bernie supporters’ faces are truly priceless.

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Plano Wants to Fast Track Cotton Belt, But Will $12M Fix DFW’s Public Transit?

| 1 day ago

Here’s the best line in Dallas Morning News transportation writer Brandon Formby’s report on Plano’s approval of $12 million to fast track the Cotton Belt DART extension:

“So how far forward does this push the project? That’s tough to say, because (as is the case in transportation funding and planning) things get complicated very fast.”

When it comes to the Cotton Belt, things are quite complicated. To start, there’s the hefty $1 billion to $2.9 billion price tag, which shifts dramatically depending on when the project is actually built. And while Plano and Addison have shown a strong support for the project over the years, political leaders in Dallas are not so hot on spending billions on new light rail miles.

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Job Opening: Associate Art Director at D Magazine

| 2 days ago

This year, at the annual City and Regional Magazine Awards, D Magazine won general excellence it is circulation category. You know what you should do? Come work here and help us win it again in 2017. You should email our art director, Kevin Goodbar, and tell him why you’re the right person to be our next associate art director. Send Kevin a cover letter, your résumé, and either PDFs of your work or a link to an online portfolio. His email address is [email protected] But wait! Don’t send Kevin a note if you are mean or if you suck. If you are the kind of person who likes to gripe and who leaves dirty dishes in the sink, do not send Kevin a note. If you’ve ever un-ironically used the typeface comic sans, do not send Kevin a note. Send Kevin a note only if you are generally excellent. Is that clear? Good.

Here are some details about what the job entails:

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