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Winners and Losers This Week in Dallas (10/28/16)

| 6 hours ago


An Exhausted Electorate
Early voting is hot. The number of ballots cast in the first few days since polls opened on Monday has surged way ahead of the 2012 election in the state’s biggest counties, including Dallas. +67

FC Dallas
As expected, they claimed the Supporters’ Shield (the best regular-season MLS record) against Los Angeles on Sunday. +20

DFW Airport
The international transportation hub received a $40 million grant from the Federal Aviation Administration to fund infrastructure upgrades. +3

SMU Football
The team defeated Houston, ranked No. 11 in the country at the time, by a score of 38-16 last weekend. New hope springs eternal for the program once sentenced to death. +22

Freeloader Bibliophiles
The Dallas City Council overwhelmingly voted in favor of not imposing any regulations on Little Free Libraries, opting instead to allow them by right as ornaments, no different than bird baths. +348

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Consider These D Magazine-inspired Costume Ideas

| 6 hours ago


Image courtesy of Jordi Carrasco via Flickr.
Image courtesy of Jordi Carrasco via Flickr.

A good costume builds from one tiny idea. A couple Halloweens ago, I dug through my 1-year-old’s dresser drawers looking for anything interesting or unordinary and found a baby-sized ribbed tank. The first thing that popped into my head was a sweaty John McClane in a wife beater. In one night, my husband and I whipped up this take-off on a Die Hard poster. Pretty kick-ass, right?cry-hard

So, to help you come up with something original, something with a deeper context, something better than simply sporting devil horns, I offer these D Magazine-inspired costume ideas:

– Gather a group of friends, cut up some sheets, and go as ghosts to represent all the empty positions the city and county currently need to fill (i.e. police chief, city manager, county D.A.).

– Catherine Downes suggests going as the mysterious severed foot from D Magazine’s October feature story.

– Speaking of full-body costumes, you can always wear a giant wiener, and maybe add some diced tomato and a jalepeno to represent the Luscher’s dog that graced our August cover.

– Ladies can repurpose their old wedding dresses and go as the Shylight bar lamp at Flora Street Cafe. Note: This costume will require stamina as it involves continuous bobbing and hopping.

– Or, slip into your trendiest outfit and carry a large, painted tri-fold posterboard behind you to go as a fashion blogger standing in front of a mural. Repeatedly ask people if they would “like to know it.” (This references the Ender page from our November issue, not yet online, but I do suggest you at least pick it up in line at the grocery store and give it a read).

Happy All Hallows’ Eve!

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Friday Fun

Tim Rogers’ Dad Didn’t Appreciate the Trick

| 7 hours ago
The art department is a bunch of show-offs.

Things are spooky around the D offices today. The art department has created an intricate haunted forest. DCEO has been overrun by rats and covered in blood splatters. The web team is ensconced in, of course, webs. And the D Mag pod has reluctantly donned bloody scrubs and displayed a grotesque severed foot in homage to two recent stories. But the scariest moment came a few minutes ago when Tim Rogers’ dad, Gary, who is visiting the office, got up out of his seat, walked over to Tim with the November issue in hand, and whacked his son upside the head.

Not that Gary needed a particular reason, but he had been reading Tim’s feature, “Sydney Durso Is That Blond Cheerleader You Want to Hate (But Can’t).” The story isn’t online yet, so you’ll need to turn to page 77 of your issue to see what Gary was so wound up about. Gary had just gotten to the third paragraph on the page, which is where most of the editors in the office threw up in their mouths a little before realizing that Tim was playing a trick. But Gary wasn’t disgusted by, among other things, the sweet potato paste smell that freaked out the rest of us. Instead, he was horrified that his not-so-grammatically correct son had randomly switched from the first person to the third person. Then he realized the trick. And smacked his son upside the head.

Re-reading the paragraph still makes me a little nauseous. But the rest of the story, and Gary’s reaction, are treat enough.

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Read This Robert Wilonsky Column

| 7 hours ago

robert wilonskyI meant to get to this yesterday, but our deadline for the December issue interfered. In yesterday’s paper, Robert Wilonsky wrote a poignant column that is worth your time, if you haven’t already read it. It’s about a sermon his rabbi delivered on the first night of Rosh Hashana. It’s also about one of the ugliest, darkest days in Dallas history, something that happened a hundred years ago, and how that event resonates today.

And because I can’t just say something nice and leave it at that: this sort of work, I believe, is what the DMN would get from Wilonsky if someone there would tell him to stop running all over town, trying to report on every issue that arises, chasing clicks with breaking news. No one at the paper writes more than he does. Second place isn’t even close. In fact, in the Metro section yesterday that contained this column, Wilonsky wrote two other stories. For most people, even those with superhero nicknames like Fingers of Fury, quality is inversely proportional to quantity. Cranking out too much copy can lead one to make ill-advised puns with Walt Humann’s name. It can sucker one in to taking aim at conspiracy theories with nothing but blind faith in a mayor’s promises.

Less Robert Wilonsky, and then I’ll take more. 

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Dallas Horror Stories, in Six Words

| 11 hours ago

For Halloween, we came up with 20 only-in-Dallas stories that are sure to petrify and scare you. And because brevity is the soul of wit horror, we decided to tell each of these spine-tingling tales in only six words:

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Leading Off (10/28/16)

| 13 hours ago

Dallas ISD Board Agrees to Training. School district trustees have consented to two 12-hour leadership training sessions in November or December, a requirement imposed upon them by Texas commissioner of education (and former DISD trustee) Mike Morath as part of the district’s turnaround plan. The board is still waiting to learn details of what that training will entail.

Former Chief David Brown Celebrated. At a retirement party last night at the Meyerson Symphony Center, Brown remained cagey about his future plans, but he did offer up that he’s in negotiations to use a “media platform” to become a “social entrepreneur” who uses love to “heal us in this country.” So, what do you think that means? A Facebook Live talk show? Hosting a Loveline reboot on YouTube? Performing trick basketball shots on Snapchat?

RIP, Beverly Field. The flamboyant and celebrated interior designer died in her sleep on Wednesday at age 88.

Early Voting Is Hot. The number of ballots cast in Texas since polls opened on Monday has been far outpacing the 2012 election cycle. Today is the last chance for absentee voters to request mail-in ballots.


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