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Leading Off (9/27/16)

| 9 mins ago

Mark Cuban Attends the Presidential Debate. Before the candidates went at each other, Cuban told reporters in the spin room: “I’m not here to cause a scene. I’m not here to make faces. I’m not here to stare him in the eyes. I haven’t practiced the stink eye. I don’t have a little dance move. I’m not going to do anything like that. He’s good enough at that on his own.” He also said that since he started trolling Trump, he has received death threats and has been under attack from hackers. (PS: Hank Stuever’s recap of the debate in the Washington Post is the best I’ve read.)

Dallas Wants a DART Subway. The transportation committee met and crafted a resolution that it will send to the City Council next month. The resolution calls for revamped bus service and for the second rail line through downtown to be built as a subway. And Councilman Philip Kingston said that he doubts DART’s claim that it can afford to build that subway and the controversial northern Cotton Belt line.

Bank Run on Pension Fund. Trustees of the police and fire pension met yesterday and revealed that in the last six weeks, pensioners have withdrawn $220 million from the fund. Board Chairman Samuel Friar said, “We’ve got to stop this runaway train. We think the action we took today will help in doing that.” Interesting word choice, given that the board took no action yesterday. Remember: if the pension fails, the city of Dallas is on the hook.

Greg Hardy Gets to Wear the Gray Towel. The former Cowboy had his mugshot taken after being arrested Sunday night in Richardson on a drug charge. He was pulled over for a traffic violation, but a cop found cocaine in the car and a Top Golf membership card issued to Overlord Hardy Jr. He posted bond last night before 6.

Frisco Teen Sentenced to Life in Prison. Zachary Callens was 16 when he gunned down his parents in their home. Yesterday at his sentencing hearing, his four siblings testified for the prosecution, saying their brother showed no remorse for the killings. 

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Law Man Walking: Nature Treks With Bill Holston

| 17 hours ago
Photo of the author by Ben Sandifer
Photo of the author by Ben Sandifer

What music really moves you? For me, it is the blues, and particularly acoustic blues. I’m a sucker for the raw emotion of the lyrics. I get lost in the ragged sound of slide guitar. Saturday I was driving down to meet my friends Scott and Elizabeth at River Oaks Park. Our goal was Lemmon Lake. I was listening to the album God Don’t Ever Change, a collection of artists covering the great bluesman Blind Willie Johnson. I have three versions of “John the Revelator” on my iPhone. Don’t you? As I drove south across the Trinity River, the sun began to lighten the sky. Sinead O’Connor sang “Trouble Will Soon Be Over,” which I took as a hopeful prayer this election season.

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Dez Bryant Settles With State Sen. Royce West

| 17 hours ago

A just-released statement from Trey Crawford, Royce West’s attorney: “Dez Bryant and Royce West have settled the disputes between them amicably and have withdrawn all claims and counterclaims.” I think I speak for everyone when I say, “Booooooooooooooooo!” But, beyond that, here’s my somewhat longer, more thoughtful take on this development:

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Local News

Leading Off (9/26/16)

| 1 day ago

Rangers Clinch Division. They became the first team in the AL to make the postseason when they beat Oakland on Saturday. Can they play the Blue Jays in the playoffs? I want them to play the Blue Jays.

Sentencing Phase Begins This Morning in Enrique Arochi Trial. On Thursday, he was found guilty of aggravated kidnapping in the disappearance of Christina Morris, whose body still hasn’t been found. Arochi could receive probation or up to life in prison.

Cowboys Win. Zeke Elliott got is first 100-yard game and fellow rookie Dak Prescott threw his first touchdown pass in a 31-17 win over the Bears that honestly wasn’t that close. Prescott was 19 of 24 for 248 yards and also ran for a TD in the Cowboys’ first home victory in more than a year. Guys, we are sooo close. Inject it right in my dang veins.

92-Year-Old Woman Gets New Home For Her Birthday. The house is part of a city reconstruction program that Edwine Howard applied for two years ago. She’s going to stay with her daughter while it’s being built; it should be ready in February.“I’m just hoping the good Lord will let me live so I can enjoy the house,” Howard says. “I know at 92 years old, you can’t sit up and take things for granted.”

Bishop T.D. Jakes Celebrates 40 Years In the Ministry. Pastors and televangelists from all over congratulated him in video messages and President Obama and Collin Powell sent along written statements.

FC Dallas Gets Another Step Closer to Supporters’ Shield. They got a tough point on the road at Real Salt Lake with a 0-0 draw, partially thanks to an incredible Walker Zimmerman tackle.

Hey, It’s Kind of Not Summer. I’m not going to get used to it.

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Winners and Losers This Week in Dallas (9/23/16)

| 4 days ago


Larry Casto
After an exhaustive, nationwide search the Dallas City Council discovered the city attorney of their dreams had been right in front of them all along. He was officially hired on Wednesday. +15

Dallas County Employees
The Commissioners Court voted them 8 percent raises all around. +24 million

Betsy Price
The Fort Worth mayor was praised by Bicycling magazine as “America’s most bike crazy mayor.” +66

North Texas Charities
Donors gave big — to the tune of more than $37 million — on this year’s Giving Day. +142,891

Zac Crain

Rick Perry dancing

+3 and 3/4 stars

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Health & Medicine

Let’s Keep the Best Doctors in Dallas

| 4 days ago
I never made it to the sundae bar at the Best Docs party last night. Photo by Matt Shelley
I never made it to the sundae bar at the Best Docs party last night.

I read a Harvard Business Review article on Facebook yesterday (don’t judge) that gave a horrifying stat: if there’s only one woman in your candidate pool, there’s statistically no chance she’ll be hired. In the HBR series of studies, they showed that if you have one woman in a group of four candidates, she has a 0 percent chance of being hired. If two out of four candidates are women, her odds break even. To have a greater than 50/50 chance of being hired, at least three out of four of the candidates have to be women.

Three out of four.

That’s because humans, apparently, like the status quo. We feel comfortable with how things are. If more men are in the room, we believe more men should stay in the room. And vice versa. Change is scary. Consider the thought of a woman president: to choose one, we want to know that she’s not different from the norm. If she’s the only candidate, ever, there must be something wrong with her. She must be unhinged, unbalanced, and possibly brain-damaged, according to some.

Last night I had the privilege of attending D Magazine’s Best Docs party. It appeared to be an impressively diverse group based on race and gender, although for those whom I didn’t personally know or wasn’t able to read their name tags, I don’t know for sure if they were doctors or significant others.

But I did have a chat with one female surgeon, an incredible local talent. After we hugged and complimented each other’s dresses, I mentioned the HBR article.

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Ranking Stuff

Final Day For Greatest Dallasites Voting. Who Will Finish in the Top 100?

| 4 days ago

This is it, folks. The final day for voting in our Greatest Dallasites competition. Whichever significant locals rank in the top 100 (out of the 303 contenders) at the end of today will be recognized in the December 2016 issue of D Magazine. The remainder will be consigned to the dustbin of history (actually, we’ll just run their finishing order online.)

Afraid that sports stars will dominate the list? Afraid that those associated with the Dallas Cowboys will dominate the list? Afraid of seeing too many old white guys dominate the list? Me too. Get voting, and you can make a difference in the final result.

Thanks to everyone for your participation. We’ve had a lot of fun with this contest, and we hope you’ve done the same.


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