Somebody Help This Poor Girl: Restaurant in Dallas for a Standing Reception

She’s from out of town and looking for some help from those of you in the know.

I’m looking for a restaurant venue that can hold 90-100 guests for a standing reception. Light hors d’oeuvres, alcohol, and cake will be served.

In Dallas proper. Approximate guest count: 90

Tentative date: August 31, 2014 (open to flexibility as long as it’s after August 31 and before the end of September)

Venue: Open to rooftops, dining area

Set-up: Prefer a standing reception. Need a place for the first dance. Cocktails and hors d’oeuvres. Any time of the day because we don’t know if we’ll do a morning or evening ceremony.

Budget: $5,000




  • AmyS

    Crossroads Diner. Lovely interior with the high ceilings. They book evening events just like this for the entire space.

  • LTrahan

    Also consider looking at Hickory Street Annex. Is a beautiful venue that offers exclusive catering.

  • Greg Brown

    Wine Poste. Went there for a Cafe Momentum dinner. Great service, great decor.

  • Stacey

    Times Ten Cellars in Lakewood is perfect for things like this!

  • Kiley W

    At the Filter Building with Grace Cafe Catering.

  • Thomas

    Thanks for the love Amy S!!! We can certainly take care of your needs, please call Crossroads Diner at 214-346-3491 and ask for Tom of Karen.

  • Pete Zotos


  • jacoblane151

    Max’s Wine Dive Dallas: Great atmosphere, great service, amazing food and phenomenal wine! Contact me at

  • ShannahH

    Saint Ann.

  • That Guy From That Thing

    Saint Ann x2. Garden patio makes the difference.

  • Tommy DeAlano

    Plenty of great options already listed, but if you would like a casual patio vibe, then we would happily offer Boxwood T+G as an option and if you wanted a cocktail bar, lounge or nightclub ambiance, then we would happily offer candleroom or The Dram. Please feel free to email me directly at Thanks for posting this opportunity Nancy!

  • Brandy Taylor

    Thursday give you a lot more flexibility. Call the Chandelier Room on Dragon Street.

  • PdH

    Barter – with Tim Love on McKinney ave. email

  • Apheleia Restaurant Group

    We would love to host you at Oak or Belly and Trumpet for this very special occasion. Please email us at or or call 214.712.9700 (Oak), 214.855.5551 (Belly & Trumpet) for more details!,