Sisu Uptown Resort is Open and Ready For Your Business

Bruschetta with goat-cheese mousse and candied tomato (photos by William Neal)

Sisu may look like a quaint little house on the outside, but on Saturday, its inside was a snazzy uptown resort flowing with poolside cocktails and sharply dressed people. Our photographer, William Neal, took snaps of the food at the pre-opening party before Sisu officially opened this past Monday. So here’s the lowdown on this place: three bars, a large pool, and two stories. But if you’re not into amenities, no big deal. Take a second to consider the brunch menu. I’ve never had tiramisu French toast before, but those three words in succession are bells to my ears.

In summary: Brunch looks killer, and ┬áthis will probably be the ultimate party destination for Uptowners. These are exciting times we live in, aren’t they?

Stefon Rishel and Dan Bui
Lamb pops
Plants on a wall.
Executive chef Stefon Rishel
Angus sliders with onion jam, tomato marmalade, and crispy spinach
The outside patio
Duck confit quesadillas with cheddar, pickled red onion, and lime cream


  • Parkie

    Address and phone number, please?

  • LTinOC

    “…this will probably be the ultimate party destination for Uptowners.” If there was ever a sentence that would make me avoid a place lke the plague, that one would do it.

  • !!

    2508 Maple Ave
    (214) 871 2888

  • Dont_Hate

    Good cause nobody wants you there @LTinOC

  • Pamm

    What was this place before?????

  • Jan

    The brunch is amazing and so inexpensive! Biscuits and Gravy were a hit, and bottomless mimosas that tasted so fresh were awesome!!

  • Housewife

    Was at pre-opening party…this place won’t make it. Food is too complicated and too expensive. When are they going to learn that “magical food and atmosphere” doesn’t cut it.

  • jb

    The location was the house Matthew Trent jewelry used as their storefront before moving to Preston Center.