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Celebrate Father’s Day with Your Favorite Father and Son Perfected Bourbon

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After eight generations of passing the tradition of bourbon distilling from father to son, the Samuels family understands that one of the best ways to show a father you care is a bottle of Maker’s Mark. It’s one of those things that fathers and their adult sons, like Bill Jr. and Rob Samuels, are likely to agree upon: the best things in life don’t need to change much. Like playing a game of catch in the evening or getting up early to go fishing, Maker’s Mark is a tradition that’s always easy to enjoy.

Maker’s 46 is sure to surprise and delight on Father’s Day. It’s the first new expression offered by Maker’s Mark in over fifty years and they certainly took their time getting things just right. Maker’s 46 is created by aging mature Maker’s Mark with seared French Oak staves, a bold new offering which holds a rich flavor profile with hints of vanilla and caramel. It’s still soft enough to hold on the palate but delivers complexity and depth. Available at retailers nationwide, SRP $35