Report From Rio: Guess the Mystery Ingredients

Yesterday, I visited a food market near the beach at Ipanema in Rio de Janeiro. I spent long time at the stall in the picture to watch the owner make his own hot sauce by mixing various peppers with vinaigrette and herbs. Besides peppers, dried herbs, and sauces, he displayed several medicinal nuts. I don’t speak Portuguese, and it was difficult to understand the passionate descriptions of the two ingredients in the picture below the jump. Do you recognize them?

Can you guess these ingredients?


  • Andrew Chalk

    Nutmeg in the middle?
    Cinnamon on the right?

  • rio. really. and you didn’t tell me. i so would have gone.

  • nope not nutmeg

  • the green bowls on the left

  • sherman

    Pretty sure those are un-cola nuts.

  • kindofabigdeal

    kola and brazil nuts?

  • biznews

    hazelnuts for sure … ?

  • BSW

    Brazilian nuts and cola nuts

  • Amy S

    Horse chestnuts. At least that’s what we called them growing up.

  • Cynthia

    I think the right is a Brazilian sweet chestnut.
    *Restaurant recommendations: Zuka and Togu in Leblon. We go every year to Rio! Both are outstanding.

  • The Janitor

    It appears to me that they are pink finger nails and toe nails!

  • The Janitor

    Oops – after the jump they were removed….