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Riveting, Live Streaming Entertainment: The Texas Transportation Commission’s Monthly Meeting
Peter Simek | 8/27/2014 2:45:56 PM

The Texas Transportation Commission, the governmental body which overseas TxDOT, is holding its monthly meeting in Dallas today at Union Station (I wonder if anyone took DART in to it). Plans for I-345 and the Trinity Toll Road are among the topics under discussion. And here's the good news: the meeting is live streaming over on the Dallas Morning News' website. So all you transit wonks out there can blow your afternoon by watching the most excruciatingly boring meeting east of the RTC. Turn it into a drinking game: take a drink every time you hear the words "leveraging," "delivery, "project," or "facility." UPDATE: Sen. Royce West just got up in the meeting and very emphatically announced his opposition to the at-grade boulevard-ing of I-345

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Called Cowboys Alley, the team's new headquarters will include restaurants and shops as well.
Leading Off (8/22/14)
Jason Heid | 8/22/2014 6:30:37 AM

Another shooting by a Dallas cop, environmental news, and changing times for the Dallas Cowboys.

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